Haldi +Mehndi Backdrop Designs

Premium Haldi & Mehndi Backdrop Designs in Greater Noida

Here at Astitva Events, we use Beautiful colors and detailed designs to make your dreams come true! At Astitva, we recognize the value of each and every moment in your life, particularly those that are adorned with mehndi's elaborate patterns and the hues of haldi. For this reason, we are experts at crafting gorgeous backdrop designs that bring out the best in your mehndi and haldi ceremonies, making them genuinely remarkable.


Do you wish to save precious moments from your special wedding day using Haldi Mehndi Backdrop Designs? Get in touch with Astitva Events for the        Top best wedding Haldi Mehndi Backdrop Designs in Uttar Pradesh, India. The company is located right in the middle of the country.



Why You Select Astitva Events For Haldi & Mehndi Backdrop Designs:


1. Floral Drapes: Astitva Events in UP offers stunning floral drapes for your Best Haldi and Mehndi backdrops, combining vibrant marigolds and roses to create a visually captivating setting.

2. Colorful Canopies: Our colorful canopy designs bring a lively and festive vibe to your ceremonies, featuring a mix of bright fabrics and intricate patterns.

3. Traditional Umbrellas: Enhance your event with traditional umbrella decor, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your Haldi and Mehndi backdrops.

4. Rustic Elements: Astitva Events incorporates rustic elements like bamboo frames and jute decorations, providing a unique and earthy ambiance for your celebrations.

5. Customized Themes: We offer personalized backdrop designs tailored to your preferences, ensuring a memorable and picture-perfect Haldi and Mehndi ceremony.


At Astitva Events, our specialty is offering Top Haldi & Mehndi Backdrop Designs Services in Greater Noida that add elegance and charm to any event.

With our gorgeous Haldi Mehndi backdrop designs, we at Astitva Events, based in Uttar Pradesh, know how important it is to create a magical atmosphere for these ceremonies.

Our skilled team of planners and designers collaborates closely with you to fully grasp your vision and execute it with originality and accuracy.

Based in Uttar Pradesh, we use the rich cultural legacy of the area as inspiration to produce backdrop designs that are not only exquisite but also profoundly significant.

 Our dedication to excellence and fulfilling customer needs positions us as a reliable option for couples wishing to commemorate their Mehndi and Haldi rituals with flair.

Every detail is painstakingly planned and expertly carried out, starting with the first consultation and ending with the final execution.

Your wedding celebrations are in the capable hands of Astitva Events, who genuinely care about making your special day one to remember. Allow us to assist you in setting up the ideal scene for your Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies so that every second is joyful and picture-perfect.

Contact us right now to start planning your next incredible Mehndi Backdrop Designs.




What types of backdrops do you offer for Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies?

We offer a variety of backdrops including floral, traditional, and modern designs. Each backdrop is customizable to fit your theme and preferences.

Can the backdrops be customized to match my wedding theme?

Yes, all our backdrops can be customized to match your wedding theme. We work with you to ensure the colors and designs fit perfectly.

How far in advance should I book the backdrop design services?

We recommend booking at least 2-3 months in advance to ensure availability and ample time for customization.

Do you provide installation and setup for the backdrops?

Yes, our team handles the complete installation and setup of the backdrops to ensure everything looks perfect on your special day.

What is the cost of Haldi and Mehndi backdrop designs?

The cost varies based on the design, size, and customization. Please contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs.



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